BCM325 – My DA Pitch

Hi there!

For my BCM325 digital artifact I would like to do a blog series about the future of meat. I was inspired to do this by a previous blog series titled ‘The Future of Food.’ I want my own blog series to continue on in this theme, however look specifically at the meat industry on a global level.

I believe that there is clear public utility in a project of this nature. For starters, ‘global demand for meat is high and rising…the production of meat is resource-intensive and, at the very least, an environmental challenge, with implications for climate change’ (Freakonomics 2019). In terms of audience then, meat eaters for example, could use this blog to think about their meat consumption and make an informed and conscious decision as to whether they want to reduce their meat intake, and alternative options that could potentially be available to them in the future. Additionally, those with an interest in animal rights and welfare would be heavily invested in the plight of livestock in years to come. Finally, should alternative sources of meat become more and more popular, this will have contrasting fortunes for the companies of alternate meat and traditional farmers whose livelihoods depend on success on this industry. 

In terms of methodology, I am aiming to do 3 blog posts on WordPress which will make up this series. I am currently undecided on whether I will theme these blog posts on topic eg. a blog post focused on lab grown meat, or time period eg. each blog post dedicated to a different time period 5, 20, and 50-100 years from now. As a relatively strong writer with limited video editing skills, I believe the blog post format will suit my strengths. Being a very well documented and researched field, I will be able to use the wide range of sources, such as academic literature, news outlets and media productions,  to add credibility and authority to my articles. In terms of timeline, the plan is to do blog posts on weeks 6, 8 and 10, and use the week before each release to do research, plan and organise the content of my posts. 

I believe that this is an undeniably interesting field and I look forward to researching it further and seeing how my digital artifact develops. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! 



Freakonomics, 2019. Episode 367. [podcast] The Future of Meat. Available at: <https://freakonomics.com/podcast/meat/&gt;.

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